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WarmPro IBC base heaters and pad heaters are intended to be used individually or in conjunction with the WarmPro IBC heater jackets. Designed to be placed within standard sized totes and IBC’s, including the most popular and widely used Schutz, Flubox and Spacekraft models, WarmPro base and pad heaters gently warm viscous and semi solid products from the bottom up, allowing them to be discharged more easily.

Each WarmPro base and pad heater contains a set of new age carbon/graphite heating element, each fitted with full temperature regulation and over temperature limiting to provide exceptional reliability and electrical redundancy.


The WarmPro base heater (WP-BASE-IH) is a heavy duty, dual layer, metal enclosed electric heater manufactured with incredibly high durability and an extended service life designed for IBC and tote containers with bag inserts.

The WarmPro pad heater (WP-BASE-IP) has a thin design which allows it to be used with bottle insert IBC and tote containers. Placed beneath the plastic bottle these heaters warm product without interfering with the lie of the bottle.

Taking up very little space within the IBC or tote container, WarmPro base and pad heaters require minimal handling to use and combine cost effectiveness with uncomprimising quality and exceptional thermal performance.

Specifically designed with performance and service in mind, WarmPro IBC heater jackets transfer heat evenly and consistently from the outside in.

New generation heating elements incorporated into every WarmPro heater jacket produce a more even and consistent heat output compared to wire or foil based heaters.