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WarmPro drum heater jackets provide an efficient and effective means of heating liquid and semi-viscous materials transported and/or stored in steel and plastic drums. By incorporating cutting edge technology with class leading design, WarmPro Drum Heaters deliver exceptional performance while retaining a prolonged service life and minimal cost per use.

The outer shell of every WarmPro drum heater jackets are comprised of heavy duty PVC coated warp knit polyester which makes them not only incredibly durable, but also resistant to most acids, alkalis and solvents. Industrial grade zippers incorporated into the jacket design not only improve heat transfer by ensuring a snug fit, they also make setup and take down a breeze.

Available in both vertical (WP-500-DV) and horizontal (WP-500-DH) configurations, as well as a 1200W high output model (WP-1200-DV), the design of each WarmPro drum heater jacket starts with our innovative and cutting edge heaters. These new age elements produce heat evenly across their entire surface area, maximizing the amount of heat generated by each oversized heating zone. This technology also enables WarmPro heater jackets to consume almost 50% less energy than other systems currently available, making them the most efficient and effective solution for virtually any heating need.

Through cutting edge design, every WarmPro heater jacket is specially made to provide exceptional heat performance while maintaining a high degree of energy efficiency.

New generation heating elements incorporated into every WarmPro heater jacket produce a more even and consistent heat output compared to wire or foil based heaters.