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Specifically designed with performance and service life in mind, WarmPro IBC heater jackets are manufactured to transfer heat evenly and efficiently to the contents of a tote or IBC from the outside in.

Using a custom set of individually regulated, new age carbon/graphite heating elements, WarmPro IBC heaters radiate heat from each of the jacket’s four sides. Thermal cutoff sensors incorporated into each individual heating element reduce the unwanted occurance of localized ‘hotspots’ within the container. This ensures that the IBC contents are heated consistently and evenly, minimizing any chance of content damage during the heating process.

Each IBC heater jacket combines our cutting edge heat technology with multi-layered insulation materials incorporated within the jacket to ensure maximum heat retention and reduce overall energy consumption. The result is a high quality, easy to use high performance IBC heater jacket.

WarmPro IBC heater jackets are designed to fit most standard sized 275 gallon IBC and tote carriers on the market including the most popular and widely used Schutz, Flubox and Spacekraft models. For specialized or custom sized containers, our manufacturing team can assist in designing a system to fit virtually any need.

Through cutting edge design and next-gen technology, every WarmPro heater jacket is specially made to provide exceptional heat transfer and energy efficiency.

WarmPro base heaters are easy to handle, easy to use and incredibly durable, all while taking up minimal space within an IBC or tote container.