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The custom design and cutting edge technology incorporated into every WarmPro heater jacket and base heater enables it to out perform the competition.

WarmPro’s heating technology allows for a more efficient heating process. WarmPro heaters consume up to 50% less energy than conventional jackets, all while producing an equal or greater content temperature rise.

WarmPro heater jackets utilize several large heating regions, each placed strategically throughout the jacket. Unlike silicone band or conventional jacket heaters that pound heat into a container through a narrow heating area, WarmPro jacket’s large heating zones ensure heat is transfered more evenly and effectively, allowing product to be warmed without the risk of scorching or burning.

The insulation material contained within each jacket and lid retains heat generated and improves warming times and overall efficiency. These materials also allow contents to remain warm for up to 4 days after the completion of a warming cycle.

Don’t be fooled by competitive products claiming to be ‘green’. For unequalled energy efficiency and class leading performance choose WarmPro heater jackets.

WarmPro drum heater jackets provide an efficient means of heating liquid and semi viscous materials contained within steel and
plastic drums.

Specifically designed with performance and service in mind, WarmPro IBC heater jackets transfer heat evenly and consistently from the
outside in.