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All WarmPro heater jackets and base heaters feature a custom set of carbon / graphite heating elements, each individually controlled by an auto-reset thermostat with thermal cutoff for safety. The unique design and placement of these elements within the WarmPro heating system allows them to radiate heat across a much larger surface area creating a more efficient and even heat transfer process.

Unlike conventional wire or foil heating elements which have unheated spaces between hot strips of metal, WarmPro heating elements generate full and uniform heat across their entire surface area. This superior coverage allows the element to heat an area more evenly, using up to 50% less energy than conventional heating elements.

WarmPro heater jackets combine these elements with state of the art insulation materials to create a stand alone ‘hot room’ ideal for heating a range of products in low ambient temperatures. By insulating both the jacket and jacket lid, heat is retained within the container and not lost to the surrounding environment. As a result, WarmPro heater jackets generate and retain heat more efficiently than conventional band or lidless heaters.

The insulation materials and heating elements are encased in a heavy duty PVC coated, warp-knit polyester shell that is durable, flexible, washable and flame retardant. The shell retains over 40% of heat generated for 72hrs after the warming cycle has been completed, allowing product temperatures to be maintained well after power has been removed. The end result is a high quality, easy to use drum or IBC heater jacket with exceptional overall service life and superior performance.

WarmPro drum heater jackets provide an efficient means of heating liquid and semi viscous materials contained within steel and
plastic drums.

Specifically designed with performance and service in mind, WarmPro IBC heater jackets transfer heat evenly and consistently from the
outside in.